Shima Namakiri
Hana full
Name Shima Namakiri


Race Human
Birthday 3rd September
Age 23
Gender Female
Height 6ft
Weight Unknown
Eyes Orange
Hair White
Affiliation Kaizoku High School
Occupation Kaizoku High School Nurse
Relatives Adam Namakiri (Uncle)

Kyobona Namakiri (Father)

Shima Namakiri (志摩ナミキリ, Namakiri Shima) is Kaizoku High School's Nurse, though she is as good as a Doctor she is chooses to be a School Nurse. She is Adam Namakiri's niece and is 7 years older than him because she was born first, she is also the daughter of Kyobona Namakiri.




Medical SkillsEdit


  • Shima's apearance is based on Najimi Ajimu from Medaka Box not including the screws.

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